A glimpse inside the interesting and idiosyncratic world of Autism through images and words. 

Tattoo or “Patik” as Cebuanos would call it, has long been a bad stigma in the society. 

But behind the this perception is a story worth telling .

Cebu City an island of the Philippines known for its beautiful beach and a haven for tourists but behind the facade is an accepted ugly truth by the locals and the government. With a growing population and a housing crisis, people in Cebu City have resorted to living in places no one else will and thrived for generations.

The story behind a persons quest on fulfilling a vision that appeared in a dream  39 years ago. 
A photo essay on Gilbert Bargayo a devotee of Roman Catholic, who has been nailed to the cross for 23 times and has no plans of stopping until he finishes the chapel that God has told him to do.

A story of a brother and a sister suffering from a rare genetic disease called Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI),  a rare disorder that causes a person’s bones to be very fragile causing it  to break easily,  often from little or no apparent trauma at all.