A Glass Life

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a rare disorder that causes a person’s bones to be very fragile causing it  to break easily,  often from little or no apparent trauma at all. 

t is not caused by too little calcium or poor nutrition but by an error called a mutation on a gene that affects the body’s production of the collagen found in bones, and other tissues. Its treatment focuses on minimizing fractures and strengthening the bones.

A person who is born with this disorder is affected throughout his or her lifetime.

There is no cure for this disease at present.

The siblings Dennis Lazarte, 32, and Marites, 30, suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as “brittle bone” disease.

Dennis and Marites live in a small dwelling in Mandaue City, Cebu with their 71-year-old frail and sickly father

Dennis, for his part, experienced three major fractures that required surgery and experience an estimated of more than 50 minor fractures. He was never able to stand and walk. He has to rely on a wheel chair and stretcher to move from one place to another.

Marites, on the other hand, had six major fractures and around 60 minor fractures. In her younger years, she would fracture herself with simple movement. (simple movements would cause fractures.) Resting her chin on her hand, for instance, would result in light stress and trauma to her bone. Prolonged standing also caused her spinal column to curve.

Despite their injuries and frailty, one has to cope and care for the other.

Independence is a value that was strongly emphasized by their mother since their childhood.

Sample drawings of Dennis
A poem made by Dennis titled “Why life is not fair”