Couple getting dressed, Bride and maid of honour, Groom with best man, couple with the entourage, Bride walking down the aisle, Exchange of vows and rings, and the kiss.

What I do -- is to see past all that.

I am not a typical wedding photographer. In fact it might be better to not think of me as one at all. I consider myself as documentarian it just so happens that my style applies to wedding.

A low-key and silent approach to wedding photography that combines art with reality.

Our goal is bold and simple; to tell the authentic story of your day as it unfolds through images, capture fleeting moments of true emotion that transcends time, images that communicate the essence of who you are, images that tell a story beyond what you see.

We believe the more direction brides and grooms are given, the less they are enjoying their wedding—and the fewer natural moments there are to capture.

I work unassumingly from the shadows allowing you to truly experience your wedding day.

~foi nous réunir
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